What is ‘Magick’?

What is ‘magick’ and why do I talk about it so much? Well…let me tell you…

‘Magick’ in it’s purest form is simply the incredible ability to harness energy, with purposeful thought and intention. Energy is all around us. It is what makes up each of us (along with water and a bunch of other gooey stuff), and everything around us. We may not be able to physically see every molecule, but they’re there. ‘Magick’ has certainly not had a history of being understood too well by the average mortal. ‘Magick’ itself has gained an undeserved negative reputation for centuries. Words like “spells” and “witches” have been aligned with evil and danger. Truth be told, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most “witches” of old are now what we know as “empaths” and “spells” are simply a more formal way of conversing with the universe itself.

The power to manipulate the energy around us, to benefit our lives, is an untapped resource far too few people take advantage of! It isn’t limited to us “new-agey” or “witchy” types who look to the Goddess for guidance, live our lives by The Wheel of the Year, and align ourselves with the rhythms of the natural world. Anyone can harness that same energy to benefit their own unique story. We’ve all had a moment where the awesome power of nature itself is so tangible, we can practically see it. It’s always a surprising, awe-inspiring moment that we’re so grateful to have experienced, yet don’t think much about why it happened, and how we can tap into it ON PURPOSE – to benefit ourselves-!

I’ve spent a lifetime aligning myself with, and practicing, this ‘magick’. When I am following my true path, and and truly staying in touch with the universe itself, it has helped me to bring about and manifest the most amazing changes to my world…just look at the beautiful portal you’re looking at right now!! Each and every one of us can have our own special communications with Goddess/the universe. These “conversations” can be as formal or informal as you like. We’ve all asked the universe for help at one time or another. We’ve all put our strongest focus into a new endeavor or project and had a truly amazing outcome! ‘Magick’ and “spells” are simply a very formal way of directing our own personal focus and intention to whatever is currently happening in our own little world.

So, the next time you look up at the most spectacular sight of a perfect Full Moon, or when you’re walking in the waves of the ocean, and the energy coming from it is perfectly re-setting all your cirucuits,… open your mind and heart….have a conversation with the Goddess(universe). Thank her for all she’s made possible. Ask her for her blessing on whatever you want to achieve. Notice the difference in how you feel! It’s all about purpose, focus, intention, and most of all – GRATITUDE.

My gift you you…a simple Spring ritual: light a white candle beside a beautiful vase of flowers and recite:

Quality of Life
Great Goddess, bless me.
May I grow and blossom.
May I be surrounded by love and friendship.
May I do my best for myself and others.
May I appreciate what I have.
May I make the most of any opportunities
That you may send my way.
Blooming Essence

One thought on “What is ‘Magick’?

  1. Sharon Prier

    Love all of your thought provoking, inspiring, beautiful messages. THANK YOU!!!

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