Vesta – Hestia


“There is an undying flame within your soul, and it’s the light, seed, and spark of your consciousness.”


  Your outer world reflects your inner world. At this time of year, when our focus is on family and family love, Vesta/Hestia is the Goddess that comes to mind.  Vesta is the Roman Goddess of home and hearth (Hetsia to the ancient Greek).  She is a fire Goddess who brings warmth to homes as both a temperature and as an emotion.  In ancient Rome a temple in her honor had a fire burning continually.  Call upon Vesta to watch over your home, and bring warmth and harmony to your household.



Take a look around your home.  Does it reflect warmth,?  if not, this is easily remedied and very important to do.  It’s a simple task of using your creative imagination to add warm energy to your household, such as lighting the fireplace or some candles, adding a cozy blanket and pillows, or displaying greeting cards and seasonal flowers.  By warming up your outer world, your inner flame responds to meet it. This increases your energy level, which automatically shifts all outward appearances toward the better.  Watch how these simple steps recharge everyone in your household!  Vesta’s flame chases away negativity and brings in love with vigor and irresistable attraction…

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