The Healing Power of Mother Nature



After that emotional washing machine we all went through last month, you may find yourself feeling exhausted, energetically depleted, overwhelmed, and basically wrung out.  This is a perfect opportunity to take in the gifts Mother Nature has to offer.  Each being on this Earth resonates with a place in nature that resets their circuits, refuels their passions, sparks their creativity, and grounds their very core.  Every different part of this planet has unique gifts to offer that can help us to reset, ground, heal, and regenerate, to move forward once again.

Oceans: The oceans and brings us the power to cleanse, renew, and to learn to flow with the ebbs and tides



Waterfalls: Waterfalls give us the power of concise, one-directional clarity, and a reminder that things can be hidden in plain sight (things aren’t always as they appear-think of the crystal caves behind the veil of water)



Lakes and Rivers: Lakes and rivers bring the gift of purification, and community (just think of the ecosystems!)




Tundra: The Tundra brings the power of vastness, openness, and wild, unexplored inner terrain




Rainforests: The rainforests are the life breath of this planet- these ancient trees bring us the power to ground into the earth, and just BREATHE



Mountains: Mountains have a commanding presence that bring feelings of strength and stability




Forests: Forests are all the elements working in harmony as one – earth, air, fire, water – perfect balance




Deserts: Deserts are dry, harsh, and don’t mince words or time. They bring their own sense of clarity and vastness in a more direct approach than the Tundra.


As you sit and daydream about each of these amazing places, one will resonate stronger than another.  That’s your intuition telling you that that special kind of healing is what’s needed. You’ll also find the next time you are searching for the “right kind of medicine” another place entirely will draw you in! The beauty of this knowledge is its simplicity- bring to you what you need!  I know, it’s so simple, right?!  (Insert hand smacking forehead, and saying Duh!)


Mother Nature is at our fingertips, quietly offering her gifts to each of us everyday.  We just don’t always recognize ways to use them.  As you soak in the unique gifts each part of nature has to offer, and you hone in on what you need, bring it to you! Print out a beautiful photo of your favorite beach and hang it where you can see it and find yourself lost in the dreamy waters.  Place stones, crystals, or sea shells on your altar, or make a special one just for your nature healing and change the scene as your needs change.  You don’t have to leave your home, or travel thousands of miles to experience the healing power of Nature…

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