The 5 Notroious Spaces – Bedrooms

When our homes are decluttered and organized, we feel freed up with extra energy to expend on achieving the goals we are seeking. When our rooms and closets are clear, organized, and fresh, we feel nurtured and supported by our space in ways that allow success to flow with ease and brings us closer to the life we want to live.  Almost every one of my clients report experiencing a new sense of clarity that transcends into almost every area of their lives once these spaces are addressed and cleared.  I like to call them “The 5 Notorious Spaces”…  and I am here to bring you a 5 week series to help YOU  Transform Your Space and Transform Your Life

Week 2: Bedrooms

Your bedroom is all about health and relationships. This room should feel like a sanctuary; a place of peaceful retreat to rejuvenate your mind and body so you are able to function at your optimal level.

Bedrooms (whenever possible) should be strictly set up for sleep and relaxation. This space should become a sacred space that is your personal escape from the hectic world outside. Ultimately, you don’t want your bedroom to become the place you go to for clashes with your spouse, stress over paying bills from your “bedroom office”, or anything else that has to do with the business side of life. Remember: our rooms contain the energy expended in them-make that energy peaceful, calm, and supportive.

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Ensure that any table or dresser tops are free of clutter so the energy can freely move through your room. If your space is limited and has to multi-task as more than a bedroom, create a purposeful delineation in the space. Have a clearly defined area for rest and one for business. Try hanging a beautiful drape to separate the two, or put up a decorative screen. Then, after dealing with “business”, light some incense or a great smelling candle to help bring in light and help clear the energy. Take a break from your space before returning to relax and unwind. The energy of your space needs transition time too!

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