The 5 Notroious Spaces – Surfaces

The surfaces in your space get into the more slippery realm of useful items vs. clutter.  We all have things on our surfaces that have practical purposes, and some simply bring us joy by their presence.  Your decor is a representation of “you” in your space; momentos have a very personal energy and significance.  That’s why this is where things get a little tricky…

Week 4: Surfaces

As you assess your surfaces, think about how you relate to your possessions, and how you look at acquiring “things”.  We tend to establish an emotional connection with our stuff.  When your emotional reasons for simply owning things begins to outweigh or obscure logical ones, you are likely to end up with clutter – LOTS OF IT!

Before working with me, clients usually find that about 80% (or more sometimes) of the items in their home anchor their attention to the past, dragging their energy down.  Only 20% of their possessions direct their attention to the future.  These numbers reverse when you get your space in alignment with where you want to go.



Go room by room for this one.  In each room, completely clear all the surfaces.  Clean and dust.  Take a minute to feel how open and expansive the energy has become!  As you determine what items to put back, keep in mind a couple simple thoughts: Is it appropriate for the season?  Am I still attached to this?  Is there a better placement for this?  and most important of all – Can i let this go?

Keep your surfaces fresh and evolving.  Surfaces are a great opportunity for manifesting!  Replace an item that has resided in the same spot for years with something that represents a future goal, dream or current project.  You’ll be amazed at how fast your world shifts without visual chaos making you feel distracted and defeated!

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