The 5 Notorious Spaces – Closets

I published this series a year ago. With all the shifts and transitions we are all currently experiencing, your space needs to support you more than ever! The 5 Notorious Spaces – Take two – enjoy…

There are spaces in almost every home that when left unaddressed and avoided, or simply ignored, are notorious for causing feelings of overwhelm, overload and often sheer chaos!  Transforming these spaces will turn those feelings into calm, quiet, and grounded.  Almost every one of my clients report experiencing a new sense of clarity that transcends into almost every area of their lives once these spaces are addressed and cleared.  I like to call them “The 5 Notorious Spaces”…  and I am here to bring you a 5 week series to help YOU  Transform Your Space and Transform Your Life



Most closets are the containers of some of your most personal possessions – your clothes.  Your clothes represent the outer expression of how you present yourself to the world.  If your clothes are in disarray, outdated, and seasonally unavailable, most likely…SO ARE YOU!  “Out of Order” closets are notorious for feelings of overload, overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, unhappiness, low self image, and an overall feeling of being “unwell”.

Closets tend to hold some of the most dense, heavy feeling energy in your space.  As you continue to pile and pile, or shove and shove in more and more, soon you’ll end up with an energy block as solid as concrete.  That dense, heavy block of energy will begin to create blocks in different areas of your life (money, relationships, your health, etc.), giving you an overall sense of being “stuck”.

Clearing out your closets is a great way to start the transformation of your space and yourself.  Clearing away the old and making room for the new, and getting yourself seasonally prepared and in tune, will bring you from chaos to clarity and leave you feeling renewed and refreshed!  You won’t believe how free and empowered you’ll feel with clear, clean, and organized closets!
photo 2
Tips for a successful closet clearing:

ENLIST HELP!  Ultimately, a Space Clearing professional like me!  BUT… even if it’s just a friend to keep you company, GREAT! -clearing your “stuff” brings up “stuff”! Support is crucial

• CLEAR IT OUT!  Remove everything – and I mean everything from the floor and shelves.  Give your senses room to breathe

• CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!  After everything is removed from the floor and shelves, and before ANYTHING goes back – give it a swipe! Vacuum/sweep the floor before you even begin, then after you’ve finished.

• THINK SEASONALLY!  If possible store away what is not appropriate for the current season. If your space is limited, keep the current season close at hand.

• LET GO!  If you haven’t worn an item in years, it no longer fits, is faded or torn, or you simply don’t feel good in it – LET IT GO

• ORDER MATTERS!  As you are organizing what stays, find a system that works individually for YOU– by color, by order of dress, by style, – this one is unique to you.  Make it simple enough for you to keep up with ease.


photo 1

*COAT/ENTRY CLOSETS*: Coat/Entry closets are a gateway to the rest of your space.  Having these closets stuffed to the gills has a profound effect on every other room in your home.  Try clearing this closet FIRST! Creating an open and available access point at the entry of your home will have a domino effect, and make all the other spaces that much easier to clear!

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