The 5 Notorious Spaces – Corners


With the holidays on our heels, and everyone looking at the fun and excitement of getting our homes ready too, I thought it was perfect timing to finish my series, The 5 Notorious Spaces…

Corners are among the most unnoticed of the 5 Notorious Spaces.  They seem so simple, and not really something to be paid attention to very often.  Furniture, plants, books, piles, etc., can sit in the same corner for years, (seemingly) quietly minding their own business, not really having any major impact on anything, right?   WRONG…


Week 5: Corners

Corners are absolutely notorious for wreaking havoc with your space and your very well being.  Everything that you do in your space on a day- to- day basis creates ‘energy ripples’  through your space. All that stirred up energy eventually settles like dust in your corners.  They are known to  be traps for negative energy and emotions.  Once it settles, it has no place to go, so, layer upon layer just builds and accumulates; (imagine not physically cleaning for years) that’s what’s hiding in your corners!


Set aside for a minute what you CAN”T see.  What about what you CAN see?  If every corner of your space has things packed in, or you can’t see the corners at all, because they are blocked by furniture, look out….what’s next is that exploding moment of overwhelm or overload!  Our eyes need open space to visually rest.  Energy needs an open pathway to circulate and escape.  The longer your corners go unaddressed, the more your space will continue to close in on you.  You don’t have to go crazy trying to open every corner, either!  Just clear them.  Find a proper home for accumulated items, move the furniture, sprinkle a little salt then hit ’em with the vacuum!  It will have an amazing cleansing effect on the entire space.  Your plants will be especially grateful!  As recepticles of light, clearing away dark, dense energy will let them absorb more and really bloom!


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