The 5 Notorious Spaces – Cupboards and Drawers

At no point in mankind’s history have people owned (or felt the need to own) as much stuff as we do at this point in time. As a result, many of us are absolutely suffocating under heaps and heaps of clutter! We have become a “clutter culture”. We aren’t always aware of it, or pay much attention to it or it’s effects because it’s HIDDEN! Hidden in cupboards, drawers, and closets. Instead of simply letting go of what is no longer needed or wanted, what do we often do?? Stuff it! Right? In a drawer, in the back of the cupboard, the back of the closet, under the bed, in a storage tub, etc…

Week 3: Cupboards and Drawers

So what’s happening with all that hidden, seemingly harmless clutter that’s just hanging out behind the scenes? Well, pretty soon you’re left with a perpetual feeling of being muddle headed, lost, aggravated at the time and effort it takes to put your hands on things you’re looking for, and generally in a constant state of overload. You may feel a health drain that you can’t quite pinpoint. Feelings of fatigue are a classic energetic symptom of all the heavy, stagnant, energy build up in your cupboards and drawers.

What’s the remedy? It’s just so simple…CLEAR IT OUT! I know what you’re thinking…it’s NOT that simple!… but really, it is! Clear your cupboards and drawers one by one. This is where most of my clients feel the positive health effects the most. Start in one room- I highly recommend your bathrooms. Bathrooms are notorious for heath drains! Throw out products like lotions and make up that are more than a year old. They go bad, and fresh is best! Throw out your outdated medicines. Buy new as the need arises. Don’t set yourslef up to be sick.  You’ll probably find you won’t need a lot of what’s under there! Organize things for easy access- keep things simple. And most of all, let go of all that stuff that’s been shoved in the back forever! It hasn’t seen the light of day for as long as you can remember, right?

As you move through all the other cupboards and drawers in your space, ask yourself, “Do I love this?”, “Will I use this in the immediate future?”, “Does it belong here?” As you get through one after the other, you’ll feel your space and your energy lighten. Our belongings have practical uses, financial worth, and sentimental value. You just don’t have to keep everything!






Before working with me, clients usually find that about 80% (or more sometimes) of the items in their home anchor their attention to the past…dragging their energy down. Only 20% if their possessions direct their attention to the future.





Those numbers begin to reverse when you get your space in alignment with where you want to go. I am here to help you get that 80-20 rule working for you! When you get yourself in harmony with your space, most of my clients find that 80% of the  items in their space help to activate their best possible future, while 20% of their items honor and memorialize their past!

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