Spring Space Clearing


Spring is here to bring in the NEW. New growth, new opportunities, new challenges. With such an incredible influx of abundant energy, we need support to navigate it. If your space is unavailable to do just that, It’s easy find yourself feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

For many of us it can feel like a daunting task to be as organized as we need and want to be. My goal for you is to experience the support of a well organized home and to eliminate the overwhelm. I’m here to help you (virtually) handle the challenge of clearing the clutter, getting rid of what’s outdated/not needed, and to help you get your space organized in a seamless and effortless way. I want your space to support you visually, emotionally, AND energetically!


I know what you’re asking: “Where do I even start?!” Well, like anything, you begin at the beginning!…

Step 1: Start working room by room clearing surfaces. Clear surfaces give mind and body a sense of immediate calm. As you clear, let go of what no longer applies, and anything old, broken, or outdated. Find a proper place for what has resided “temporarily”, and reposition a very few simple treasures. Keep as much open ‘quiet’ space as possible.

Step 2: Clear the corners. Corners are notorious for being collection sites for all sorts of needless things, a gathering place for things that were otherwise “in the way”, and a collector of energetic “dust”. Remove EVERYTHING. Vacuum. Dust the baseboards. Rooms need room to breathe! Cluttered, congested corners keep that form happening. If possible, don’t put ANYTHING back. If you have decorative items or plants, let the corners “breathe” for a bit first. Opening a window for this step is really helpful!

Step 3: Assess your closets. YIPES! Closets are the BIG ONE – I know. That’s why I recommend first assessing where you are with each one. Each closet has it’s own degree of difficulty and necessity – that’s why the assessment is so important. Once you determine which one is the right one for you to start with, JUMP IN. It’s like a cold pool – you just have to do it! I guarantee once the shock wears off, you’ll find the process totally refreshing and absolutely worth it! Be diligent in only keeping what you need, love, is current, and in good condition, and of course, what makes you feel fabulous!

Enjoy the beginning of the journey through your space, and see you next month!

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