Space Clearing

What is Space Clearing? Why is it so important?  How do I know if my space needs clearing?  Doesn’t everyone have a little clutter? Is it really that big of a deal?  These are all great questions!  And I hear them all the time.  This is what I’ve discovered…

Your Space
For your life to work at it’s optimal, you absolutely need a good flow of clear, healthy, energy in your home or workspace.  Energetically, everything that ever happens in your space goes out in ripples, like a stone thrown in a pond.  It is recorded in the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and objects.  It sticks like a magnet and gets imprinted on everything.  Dramatic events and strong emotions are the most “sticky” of all. Ever hear the phrase about “tension being so thick you can cut it with a knife?”

These energy ripples tend to accumulate around the edges of rooms, on cluttered surfaces, and especially build up in corners. Imagine what you would be looking at if you hadn’t physically cleaned in months or years?  GROSS, right? Jane Alexander put it so well when she said “Most of us are probably living in the energetic equivalent of a rubbish dump”.  Everyone builds up a certain amount of energetic grime on a daily basis – it’s unavoidable.  This “energetic grime” needs cleaning out just like the physical dirt and dust we can see.

Clutter is especially notorious for this type of build up.  Clutter is mental, physical and emotional. Clutter Clearing is the physical act of clearing away objects and the energy that has been imprinted on them.  It’s regular maintenance any space needs.  Clear your surfaces.  Surround yourself with up to date things that are a direct reflection of who you are right now, and the direction you are headed in for your future.  Saving for a fabulous beach vacation?  Try removing those same nic-nacs you’ve had on the same table for the last 3 years, and replace them with a bowl of seashells and a post card of where you’re going!

Space Clearing
You can change the entire energetic identity of your space with a Space Clearing.  It is the most effective way of loosening up that stuck energy that accumulates with clutter and everyday living.  Doing so will give you the ability to re-connect with your space in a whole new way!  In a matter of hours with the help of a Space Clearer (like me!) we will make your space once again feel fresh, new and on track with your current path.  Every space needs clearing on a regular basis.  Every 3 months is ideal.  It keeps you on track with the changing of the seasons, the holidays, and keeps that build-up from truly getting out of hand!

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