Quiet Time

“Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate and contemplate…

Quiet your mind.  Breathe and let go of words, worry, and plans.  Go into that space of silence deep within you; that vortex of peace where the world doesn’t enter.  Now is the time to retreat in silence and spend time alone.  I’ll lovingly help you rejuvenate and recenter yourself.  Don’t try to make any decisions now.  Just allow your mind to be at rest.  You’ll know soon enough when it’s time to take action.  But for now, quiet your mind and rest.




Sige’s message is crystal clear:  It is wise to decide when it is better not to speak or not to answer. Experience the creative silence of meditation.  This is the Goddess of thought and contemplation who convinces us to slow down, to quiet our thoughts, and to rest.
Sige is here to teach each of us the profound magick of silence, and inner travels.

According to Gnostic philosophy Sige is the Mother of All. She existed long before anything else, and is the beginning within all of us. All wisdom and knowledge comes from Sige, as she is all knowing and all seeing. To call on Sige, you simply need to go to your own inner most silent place. Focus on nothing, let your mind become still and quiet, and let your inner wisdom take over.


From the enchanted Deborah Blake:

Light a blue or white candle with a few drops of a pure lavender oil.  Breathe in the calming aroma, and embrace the silence.  Quietly in your mind, ask Sige for guidance and support..

Goddess great
Please grant me time
To put aside
For peace of mind.
Relaxing movements
Isles of calm
To soothe my mind
Like natures balm

Help me learn to slow my pace
Allow myself
An hours grace



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