Sacred Space


“Sacred Space” can be as small as a single breath, or expansive as an ocean view.
For most of us, our lives are so busy and noisy that we often forget about the healing power of silence and connection. Connection to ourselves and to the universe itself. When we’re out in the world, it’s not usually possible to control the noise level, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the never ending hustle and bustle. At home, we can control our surroundings to a certain degree; but, with so much of our homes being “community spaces”, it isn’t always easy to find a quiet spot when you need it most! Why not purposefully create a “sacred space” of peacefulness and healing just for you?


Create a room or nook where you can reflect, be quiet, go inside, and get centered. In our daily lives we have so much to think about and do. Between work, kids, households and errands, we hardly have a moment for ourselves. It’s vital for each of us to have a special place to renew our connection with our inner self and spirit. I suggest you challenge yourself to create a “sacred space” somewhere within your space that is all about YOU.. a peaceful place set aside in your home where you can truly relax, ground and connect.


You can get started creating a sacred space by following a few easy steps:

1. Decide what “sacred” means to you. Do you need a space for yoga, meditation or spiritual connection? Convert a guest room or simply create a corner or window seat in your living area that is dedicated to self-nourishment. A space that you deem “sacred” immediately sets the tone for going inward. To me, “sacred” means quiet, personal, peaceful and spiritual. What does it mean to you?

2. Dedicate a place in your home that can become “sacred”. It doesn’t have to be a whole room- It can be a corner of a room, the top of a dresser, or any other space you can find. It just needs to be a place where you feel quiet and grounded. Once you have chosen the space, clear the entire room where your sacred space will exist (even if only a corner is being used); you’ve given your room a purposeful new identity and clearing any old energy is very important to make room for the new expansive energy you are channeling. To set the mood for contemplation, meditation, or prayer, place pillows on the floor or find a comfortable chair that supports your back.

3. Set up an altar with spiritual objects to bring in the energy of spirituality. Each object should be placed with an intention for going deep within your heart and soul. Your altar should be set up with personal items which are meaningful to you. Surround yourself with inspirational icons. Creating an altar can be as simple as draping a small table with a special fabric. On top of the table, place items such as a scented candle, incense burner, or essential oil diffuser. Add natural objects like rocks and seashells that bring in the earth element. Add to your space with meaningful quotes, spiritual symbols, calming music, plants, etc. Literally ANYTHING that elevates your spirit, rejuvenates your soul, and brings you to a quiet place to retreat when you need it most. Connecting with our spiritual selves opens up an amazing well to drink from when stresses come your way.

3. Create a ritual. Once you’ve created your “sacred space”, how will you honor it? Will you use it to meditate for a few minutes every morning? Will you just sit, with your eyes closed, enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet? Do you sit in contemplation while journaling? Your ritual can be simple or complicated but, whatever you decide to do, make it meaningful to you. Take a few minutes to bring the peacefulness and healing into your home and heart. For me, I use my “sacred space” for all the above.

Your special nook is a perfect place to ask for guidance, connect with the divine, do yoga, practice deep breathing, and create a positive vision for your life. As you focus on your inner life, you’ll find yourself calmer, clearer, happier and more inspired to follow your dreams.

Once your space is in place you will likely want to honor it by doing some type of ritual, be it Wiccan, Native American, casting a gypsy spell, giving a prayer of gratitude, or blessing it; whatever way best aligns with your belief system. You will soon find yourself drawn to this “sacred space” more and more as you seek the solace and restfulness it provides. You begin to wonder how you ever lived without it!

I would LOVE  to hear back from you after you’ve created your own “Sacred Space”! Share your experience in the creation of it, and how you’re finding exactly what you are seeking there!


Here’s some ideas to incorporate into YOUR “Sacred Space”

Candles and incense (Fire)
Healing artwork
Plants and flowers (Earth)
Special fabric
Feathers (Air)
Crystals and gemstones
Sea shells (Water)
Wind chimes
Water fountain
Inspirational books
Colorful pillows
Spiritual icons
Cleansing Gemstones

sacredspace beach theme

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