Black Obsidian is a “must have” tool to have in your magcikal toolbox, but needs to be used with care. Obsidian is a perfect cleanser for psychic buildup that gets trapped in your aura, and is a stone of powerful protection against negativity. Use this stone to ground you from the jarring effects of being encased in an all too stressful day – Black obsidian correlates with the root chakra and is direct channel to Earth. (This is a stone which needs direct contact with skin for it’s best effect.)

natural-glassThroughout history, Obsidian, with it’s shiny glass finish, was used in the past as a tool for scrying. This stone is ideal for focusing your inner vision. Be aware however, obsidian tends to bring very clear (sometimes outright blunt) answers to your subconscious mind – be careful what you choose to examine within yourself, and be ready for very honest answers! Obsidian works like a mirror in which we can clearly see our own mistakes and weaknesses. The beauty of that being this stone will provide assistance and insight into the possible ways of correcting those mistakes. Obsidian is said to be a ‘vision stone’ and is often used in prophetic dreaming.
Obsidian is a perfect stone to wear in a piece of jewelry. Your auric field will have the benefit of it’s own personal shield to the (all too often) bombardment of negative energy we encounter in our days. Finding yourself confused and lost in far too many thoughts? Gaze at it’s glassy surface and you are sure to find the answers you seek…

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