North Node in Leo

The Node of the moon marks the point where the Moon crosses with the Sun. This crossing is an integral part of our upcoming eclipse season. The North and South Nodes of our moon represent the path of our spiritual growth and evolution. This is the growth and evolution of our very soul. The Astrological house the Nodes fall in give us valuable clues as to where we want to grow, and patterns we need to change and let go of.

When a Node moves into a new sign, it’s just that- a billboard erected by the universe telling us to change directions! We are coming out of Virgo, and moving in to Leo. For the past 18 months, the positive side of Virgo’s energy has been pivotal in getting us focused and clear in all aspects of our lives. The downside of Virgo, is the mental trap of getting fixated on everything being too perfect; you can get stuck there for a lifetime if you’re not careful! Moving into Leo is a cosmic Neon sign saying “less work-more play!” We are literally being directed to let go of the things that were beginning to make us feel a bit stuck the last 18 months.

The Nodes of the moon point to specific areas of our lives, as it moves through the different Astrological houses in our Natal chart; different areas of your psyche basically. The North Node in Leo is asking you to explore the areas of your life that effect your psyche (art,music,passion,creativity). Developing these areas are absolutely necessary to your souls growth.

  Leo, being the “heart” and “artist” of the Zodiac, is asking us to develop very specific qualities in ourselves. It’s about that inner desire in all of us to be seen and recognized, to feel confident and be creative. Leo is here to teach us to see the world “through the eyes of a child”. To live and appreciate life in the moment. To see and embrace the uniqueness  in ourselves and everyone around us.



This Leo influence will be around for the next 18 months. Use it to teach yourself to hear the messages from your heart, and have the courage and confidence to express them! BE YOURSELF! Build your confidence and forget that anyone ever told you otherwise!

Remember-it’s the lesson of “seeing life through the eyes of a child”– let go of being and taking life so seriously! Get in touch with your playful side! We’ve worked incredibly hard the last 18 months-it’s time to switch gears and PLAY a little!

Getting in tune with this transit will help you get in touch with your creative side as well. It’s a time for focusing on the arts, creating, playing and connecting. Allow yourself to be passionate about what you love! Connect to your hearts desire. Nurture your creativity. Listen to your heart. Take risks and make mistakes! Leo teaches us that it’s OK… just improvise!

Leo is ruled by the Sun. In the Zodiac, the Sun stands for our identity and purpose. It shows us how we shine. We are ALL asked (and allowed) to SHINE! Let yourself do exactly what your heart is calling you to do. Don’t be afraid to be YOU…that’s exactly who you are supposed to be!

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