Moon Magick


“The Nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies, were made in the interiors of collapsing stars…We are all made of star stuff”  -Carl Sagan-


If we as humans are all made of ‘star stuff’, then as women, we are surely made purely of ‘Moon stuff’.  Our beautiful Moon above is without question, one of the most magickal forces in our universe.  She is one of our most well known, most powerful, and yet most mysterious of our celestial bodies.  The mysteries of what holds her power have been sought to be unlocked since the dawn of time.

We as women have an innate connection with Lady Luna that is undeniable.  It’s not just Her silvery beauty that keeps us looking up at the night sky and feeling a magnetic kinship.  We are all daughters of the Moon.  Our Moon not only controls the tides in our oceans, but the emotions in our souls.  Of all the bodies in our solar system, our moon is the only shape-shifter.  It seems at will She can make herself appear full and bold, then a beautiful perfect crescent, and then make Herself absolutely invisible.  Most often, when needed most, She seems so large and brilliant, that you can’t help but take notice; you’ve probably even had the thought,  “I wonder what that incredible Moon is trying to tell me?”

She is absolutely hypnotic. All of us at one time or another have gazed up at the night sky and seen a Moon so big and close, that you just knew you could reach out and touch it, right? That’s where the MAGICK comes in!  Our Lady Luna, Goddess incarnate, is there every night simply willing us to tap into all her strength, power, and guidance.  She has held vigil over womankind all through the dark years when mankind did all he could to erase Goddess from our very human existence.  The magick is there for the taking; being offered as a beautiful gift – no strings attached.  Be mindful, however, of harnessing such power.  It is ancient.  It comes before all human thought, and far exceeds our very existence by millennia. Harness the power of each enchanted phase, but always be aware of the great power you are channeling.

Her’s a quick reference chart to give you a simple understanding of the 4 main Moon phases at play every month.  Use the gifts you were created with…connect, tap in, and watch the magick happen…





The Waning Moon occurs when the Moon is journeying from Full to dark.  This is the perfect time for “shrinking” or “lessening”.  It’s at it’s strongest the first 3-7 days just after the Full Moon.  This is an ideal time to put energy into things you want to lessen in your life (poor health, negativity, obstacles, confusion, etc).  Anything at all you would like to remove yourself from.



The New Moon occurs right between the Waning and Waxing phases.  This is when it appears our night sky has no Moon at all.  The New Moons’ energy is ideal for rest, reflection, meditation, and setting up your new intentions.  A New Moon wish list is a very powerful magickal tool that requires nothing but pencil, paper, and focused intent!



This phase occurs when the Moon in the sky is growing form New to Full.  She’s building up ALOT of power at this time, and by the time it reaches Full, it packs a punch!  This is a great time to work on things in your life you are looking to increase or gain momentum with.  Good health, prosperity, well being, and new endeavors.  This is ultimate growth!



This phase is ruled by Goddess herself.  Even though the calendar shows only it’s peak day, the day before and up to 3 days after pack an energetic wollop! This is the most versatile phase – you can use it to activate anything at all.  The Full Moon is the one day of each month where we get a true sense of a “one-on-one” connection with Goddess.  Lady Luna has reached her peak, so every effort you put forth, or seek clarity on, will become crystal clear and extremely powerful.  When it comes to our beautiful Moon, there is so much more than meets the eye!  This is just the tip of the iceberg…

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