Mermaid Magick

Known mainly for their beauty and mystery, mermaids cherish above all else their mirrors, combs and brushes. Often quite ornamental, and exquisitely designed, these everyday items strengthen their magickal powers. With a touch of beautifully scented oil, they weave secrets and spells into their hair. ¬†Mermaids grant wishes and divine the future simply by gazing into their mirrors…

Mermaids love to sing! But their mer-songs are not simply for pleasure-it’s also for magick making. With their Siren songs they can quiet a storm, or stir the seas into raging waves. With the mesmerizing harp like sound of their voices, they soothe and soften hurt and angry souls.

With chants and chimes they magnify their psychic gifts, allowing them to find lost objects. Mermaids can combine hauntingly beautiful chords with magickal ingredients of seashells, sea stones and especially pearls to heal the hearts of those who seek them…

red mermaid

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