Mermaid Lore

All water holds hidden magick. Without it, there can be no life on Earth. Once, mermaids swam in all the salty seas like sardines. Unlike fish however, very few mermaids look exactly alike. While all are beautiful, some comb golden hair, while others have hair as red as fire. There are mermaids with hair as green as the sea grass, or as dark as midnight. They come in different sizes too. In Malaysia they tell of a mermaid so small she slept in a clam shell. A Celtic account written in A.D 887 reported a mermaid who measured 160 feet from head to tail, and had fingers 7 feet long!

In medieval England, mermaid was spelled “mere-mayde”. “Mayde” meant maiden. A “mere” could be a sea, a lake, or even a just a swampy place. A mermaid is a “water woman”. She drifts beneath the ocean waves, lies unseen in river rushes, and sleeps in shaded ponds. A streak of rainbow glinting off the water may be a mermaid! Our best known mermaid tales come from Europe, where they’ve been recorded for thousands of years.

Seeing these mythical creatures isn’t easy. Mermaids are shape-shifters. A mermaid can disappear without a trace, evaporating like a drop if water on a summer day. In the blink of an eye they can become something completely different. Most mermaids, already being half fish, will turn into fish. Salmon and trout are likely choices with their beautiful shimmering scales.

Oceanic Mermaids are under the rule of Amphitrite, the Goddess Queen of the sea. As beautiful and enchanted as the ocean itself, these mystical beings are not to be taken lightly! Mermaids have the power to harm or heal. They are as beautiful and unpredictable as their ocean home.

blonde mermaid

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