Labyrinths are ancient, magickal, and enchanting places with a beginning veiled in mystery.  They are sacred spaces for introspection and reflection. In our natural world, there are few things we experience quite like that of a labyrinth.  They can be either large or small, indoors or outdoors, and made of any variety of materials.  The purposeful connection between thought and movement is quite unique.  It’s literally a “moving meditation”.   For me, walking a labyrinth, in the perfect meditative state, is like experiencing a symphony.  Not through my ears, but through every kinetic sense of my very being.  From the melody that starts to resonate through me as I begin my journey, to each movement along the way.  As I find myself well along through the labyrinth, the tempo increases with the clarity I’m gaining.  Finally I find myself feeling as light as air as the music in my cells hits its crescendo, and I’ve reached the very center.  I’ve usually found myself yet again, and as I weave my back out, the music begins it’s slow wind down. The world always looks a little brighter when I exit a labyrinth…


The beauty of a labyrinth is the quiet, purposeful journey you embark upon.  There is one carefully designed way in, which reaches a centerpoint, and you retrace your steps back out.  You end up with a very clear picture of where you came from, and where you are going.  “When walking through a labyrinth, your body tends to turn back and forth – first you’re moving right, next you’re going to the left, with a 180 degree turn each time. This causes you to shift your awareness from the right side of the brain to the left, and then back again. It is believed that this is one of the reasons why a labyrinth walk can induce varied states of consciousness.”  Labyrinths have been found all across the globe, and across many religious boundaries.


5170194646_385981bc4d_zAs you enter the labyrinth, ask yourself consciously “What am I looking for?” It may be practical question or a spiritual one.  As you begin your journey, ask the Elements, Goddess, or any divine energy you resonate with for guidance.  As you move through, step by step, release mind and body to the experience itself.  Don’t try to think and reason, don’t get caught up in a problem solving conversation with yourself, or try to “find” answers.  Just surrender. The answers will come to you; in the most beautiful, vivid ways.  As you begin to weave your way back out again, begin to take in the messages and visions you received.  Let them seep into your mind and body.  Once you exit the labyrinth, send gratitude to your guides for their help and support.  Take a deep breath, and notice how you feel. If you’re anything like me, your feet won’t be touching the ground, and the world around you will have a little more sparkle…


 Find a labyrinth or create your own.  Once you experience a trip through a labyrinth, you will understand the hidden messages they have to share…



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