Knot Magick


Knot magick (or cord magick) is a form of folk magick that has been around for centuries.  Originally it was often associated with weather magick.  A cord was prepared ahead of time, and saved for the time it was needed.  Over nine consecutive days, the knots were undone releasing the magick each contained.  The cords were used as “storage” for later use.  Cord magick is a great alternative to candle magick, in that it’s transportable!  Cord magick also has color correspondences just like candle magick.  Knot magick can be used by anyone on any spiritual path-the intention is the same.  (You may simply want to alter the “language” of the spell to align closer to your own spiritual beleifs.)


Why would you want to store a spell? 

Good question! For some magick, the timing for it to happen is important. Let’s say, for example, that you are embarking on a new creative endeavor, and the ideal celestial energy for working with is surrounding the coming New Moon. Do you draw on the creative energy you seek during the Waxing Moon? No. You do it early on, at the Full Moon, using a cord.  The power is contained, and properly tuned, but stored for later use.

Begin by choosing a cord in the color correspondence which is aligned with your intention.  (Natural materials are ideal) Even better, use several colors to combine their unique qualities together! Tie a knot in each end, so it won’t unravel. Consecrate your cords for magickal use.  As with all magickal workings, focus and intention are everything. Clearly see, feel, and BE exactly that which you seek to store in your cord.  Each knot can be the same facet of what you are seeking, or each can hold a different element of your goal(s).  By the time you tie your ninth knot, you will have a very potent magickal tool in your hands! It makes my fingers tingle with electricity just thinking about it!

For cord magic you will need a cord that is nine feet long (three times three; the traditional magical number).  Smaller cords can be 9 inches long if you want something simpler to carry and store.




Here is the pattern of tying, together with the appropriate words:



By knot of ONE, the spell’s begun

By knot of TWO, it cometh true

By knot of THREE, so mote it be

By knot of FOUR, this power I store

By knot of FIVE, the spell’s alive

By knot of SIX, this spell I fix

By knot of SEVEN, events I’ll leaven

By knot of EIGHT, it will be Fate

By knot of NINE, whats done is mine


Ok, so you have nine knots. Now what?

Although they are all tied in one ritual, these must be released one at a time – one a day – for nine consecutive days. Release them in the same order in which they were tied, NOT the reverse order.  On the first day untie the knot that was first tied (a little trick to know which end you started with: when making the cord, braid in a small bead or charm at one end and always start with this end); on the second day, the second knot tied; and so on.  When you reach and untie the last knot, on the ninth day, you will be at the time of greatest power.  Each day before you untie your knot, visualize what you are seeking, and send out gratitude for the universal assistance.


White – purity, truth, sincerity, spirituality, the goddess, peace, higher self, a substitute for any other color.

Red – strength, health, love, energy, passion, courage, element of fire, career goals, fast action

Blue – tranquility, understanding, patience, calm, gently moving, wisdom, good fortune, opening blocked communication, Element of Water, creativity

Green – finance, luck, physical healing, monetary success, abundance, tree and plant magick, growth, Element of Earth, personal goals

Gold – wealth, safety and power, happiness, success

Yellow – The Sun, intelligence, accelerated learning, memory, breaking mental blocks, confidence, Element of Air

Brown -neutrality

Pink – romantic love, morality,healing of emotions, peace, affection, romance, caring, nurturing

Black – protection, repelling negativity, binding, unblocking

Purple – ambition, business progress, power, third eye, psychic ability, spiritual power, self assurance, hidden knowledge

Silver/Grey – neutrality, telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition,dreams, astral energies, Female Power, communication, The Goddess

Orange – encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, ambition

Copper – passion, money goals, professional growth, career maneuvers


 After each use of your cord, give it a salt sprinkle to clear the energy, and place in the light of the Full Moon for clearing and recharging!

Love your connection with Knot Magick? Look for my article on making a “Witch’s Ladder” coming in October!


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