“The soulful energies this month will teach you to be true to YOU.  If you found the past few months challenging, take heart.  If you have been ignoring or denying your soul’s calling, it’s time to change course.”  -Kari Samuels-

When I read these words, it affirmed my thoughts and desires these last couple months. All I’ve been able to think about in the crazy busyness since the first of the year, is this deep longing to work on ME for awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love all the incredible women I work with everyday, but I’ve neglected myself to an equally incredible degree.

With this year being the beginning of a whole new 9 year manifesting cycle, and the North Node of the Moon shifting into Leo, and changing our focus to our hearts desire, I’ve been living as the ‘Push Me Pull You’ from Dr. Doolittle! My head has been in full focus (and in full momentum) on my clients, family, and everyone else who needs me, while my heart has been fighting to focus inward and really give myself time to regroup, reassess, and renew. I didn’t give myself a chance to align with any of the changes we’ve had, and I’m really feeling those missed opportunities.



So, what now? It’s the same answer I give my clients when I walk in the door and they ask me this exact same question: you begin right where you are. So where am I?? Who knows! I’m so out of touch with myself it’s ridiculous. But, as always, I’ve reached this point in perfect timing. June is here bearing it’s gifts of balancing head and heart, and that “permission” I seem to need to turn my focus inward and take much needed time for myself. I’m ready to receive and utilize them! My Summer project is going to be ME. And I can’t wait to get started!

There’s so much to say, I’m going to keep it simple and let Kari Samuels take it from here! Click below and receive all the gifts June has to offer…


I would be lost without these powerful insights! Thank You Kari!!

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Have a joyful June!

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