“January is here, with eyes that keenly glow,
A frost-mailed warrior
striding a shadowy steed of snow.”
–  Edgar Fawcett

Traditionally, January is a quiet month that we use to gently ease into the foreign territory of a new year. Not so for this one! It’s pretty much unanimous that 2017 was one for the records! How any of us survived that crazy roller coaster with any of our wits still about us, (and any remnant of light energy) is a sheer miracle! 

We’re all sort of wandering around going “what the heck just happened?“, and trying to figure out which way is up.  I can’t think of a year in recent memory that everyone I talk to is so glad to have turned the page on. The good news is we’ve all come to a place of real clarity. In ourselves and the world around us. There’s the benefit of being run through the washer- All the dirt and grime is left behind! 



2018 is slated to be yet another really transformational year, but in a far more gentle way than last year. Which is sure good news considering how much we’re going to need time to recover and regroup! It’s going to be a VERY interesting year to come. Being ruled by moon energy (instead of sun like 2017), our hearts will take the lead, with our minds and actions to follow. Keep your eyes open wide to all that you see. Look for the signs; see where they lead; take action as is appropriate.



The tarot card for this year is Justice.  Justice is here to remind us of our inner truth, and the ability to stand by it. It’s about decision making and really looking at the whole picture-the benefits and downfalls for everyone involved. The scales Lady Justice holds are in perfect balance-no one benefits more than someone else. This year is set to bring alot of things to think about, and reevaluate. Big changes are in store, as well as challenges. 



Take special care of yourself as we begin this new adventure. Read great books, drink great tea, travel to amazing places, and take plenty of hot soaks! Draw upon all the things that feed your soul. Really connect with the information and energy 2018 is bringing. We all need these guideposts to successfully navigate what’s ahead. Use it to bring yourself to the amazing place you want to reach as we eventually bring this year to a close as well…


–  Best Wishes for the year (and journey) ahead –

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