Gemstones and Meditaiton

Gemstones, crystals, and minerals all have a different tone, vibration, and specialty. With so many beautiful and powerful stones out there, it can be tricky distinguishing the energetic properties of one from another. A great place to truly experience each of your stones is during meditation. When we meditate, we are working to gently clear our minds (and bodies) of “busy” thoughts and distractions, right?  So why not take advantage of this wonderful state of positive receptivity, and “feel” your way through your stones? A serenity inducing stone like Celestine can you get to that quiet open space where the outer world fades…

Stones that are used for healing, shifting consciousness, or activating specific energy centers in the body, or aura, will have their strongest effects during meditation. Why? Because meditation quiets the mind and allows new influences into our consciousness! So, while meditating, the stones feel stronger.  Not only because you are able to pay closer attention to subtle changes, but also because the state of openness allows for more pronounced effects!

So… find a quiet place, in a quiet space of time… bring out your stones, and enjoy the profound experiences and discoveries each one has to share with you…


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