Gemstone Magick 101

From the earliest prehistoric times to our current technological age, we have found beauty, power and mystery within gemstones. Just as herbs possess energies, so too do gemstones. Gemstone magick is as old as time. It began when the earliest humans sensed some force, or power trapped within the stones that surrounded them. Gemstones were probably first used as amulets-objects worn to deflect negativity or “evil.” Later they were revered as deities, offered as sacrifices, and buried with the dead for protection in the afterlife. Their use is intimately connected with religion, ritual and magick. Gemstone magick has been forgotten by many millions of people today. The Industrial Revolution and two devastating wars destroyed the insular “village life” in which the old magick was passed from generation to generation.

Today a new awareness of the magickal value of gemstones has swept over us. This sudden interest is unprecedented in recent history, and, like the growing use of herbs, it is yet another manifestation that people are finding their techno- ruled lives unsatisfying. We are beginning to realize something is missing….

When we look into the past, to an age where the mystic properties of gemstones were unquestioned, we find answers. Gemstones, like colors, plants and other natural objects, are magickal tools which we can use to aid us in the different needs of our lives. Transformation is the essence of magick, and gemstones can help us achieve this, by lending their powers and providing focal points for our own energies.

After centuries of “progress” many of us are realizing just how estranged we’ve become from the Earth. We’ve forgotten how grounding our bodies feel holding tightly to a piece of hematite, that a beautiful moonstone can deflect the path of negative energy. That a pure quartz can bring into focus our most distracted mind. The old ways are once again accessible to all who desire to use them.

Gemstones are one of the keys which we can each use to unlock our potential as human beings. They expand our consciousness, enhance our lives, calm our stresses and infuse our dreams with healing energies. We need to use gemstones- they are treasures and our connections with the Earth. Gemstone magick works. It is effective. Just try it out for yourself…

In using gemstone magick, we don’t turn our backs on technology. We simply use this old magick to IMPROVE our hectic lives; to give us deeper understanding and control over them. It attunes us with the powers which created stones, ourselves, the Earth and the universe, thereby adding the missing ingredient to our often sterile lives. When a stone lying in a dry riverbed calls you to pick it up, when a shimmering crystal seems to pull your hand, when a faceted jewel set in a ring captures your imagination, you’ve felt the old power of gemstones.

The magick is waiting. The rest is up to you…..

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