Garden Faeries

Each season brings with it a whole new group of faeries. Have you ever been sitting in the quiet of your garden, and caught sight of a tiny wing glittering in the sunlight? Or maybe you heard the sound of tinkling coming from a flower bed? If you say you have, you may have been lucky enough to have had a visit from the Fae. Faeries are shy little creatures and disappear in an instant! The Fae are kind and sweet, but can be very mischievous too! They are also known as Nature Sprites. If you have a good relationship with the Faeries in your garden, they will do all they can to help you tend to your garden.

To encourage good relations with the Faeries in your garden, gather some sweets, nuts, and a little honey. Place them with a tiny note in your flower bed that says:

Unseen ones-
You who are the Faerie
Bless this place with your presence.
Playful sprites-
Here long before me-
Powerful and magickal elementals,
I greet you in friendship.
I bring you these gifts to honor your magick.
I ask that you come in the spirit of friendship.
In laughter and light, I welcome you here.
With honey and sweets, welcome to my garden!

faerie boys

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