Finding Your Inner Goddess


“Like any art, the creation of self is both natural and seemingly impossible. It requires training as well as magick.”
-Holly Near-


Goddess resides within each of us. We are all formed in water and are daughters of the Moon. We each have the innate ability to create magick, design our own reality, shape the life of our dreams, and manifest our destiny.

Each of us is a unique and beautiful soul; placed on this planet, in this space of time, for a very special purpose. When you discover that special gift that is unique only to you, and let your light shine like a radiant Full Moon, only then will you be able to open the powerful connection within yourself and the universe…your Inner Goddess…



There is an unseen tidal wave of energy surging across our planet encompassing and empowering the women of this Earth like we haven’t seen in hundreds of years. We are only at the very dawn of the Age of Aquarius- the age of women and the Divine Feminine. It is a time of compassion and connection. We are all being called to be our most authentic selves, and are being directed to follow our own enlightened paths.

Finding your Inner Goddess is an essential part your personal journey. Accessing your Inner Goddess is as simple as taking a breath, once you understand the key to opening this very special gateway. Once you can open the channel, you will find you have access to a wellspring of power and support that has to be experienced to be believed!  It is pure magick…


Here are 3 simple steps to help you awaken YOUR Inner Goddess…

*Self- Care*
As women, we spend so much time caring for, doing for, and being for everyone else, that we tend to let our own needs and desires be neglected and forgotten. “Self-Care” is often mistakenly confused with being selfish. But in reality, it’s just the opposite. If we spend all our time and energy getting water from the well for everyone else, pretty soon we have nothing left to give. Self-Care is not self indulgence- it’s self preservation!

The beauty of Self-Care is it’s individual to each of us. Whether it’s a perfect bubble bath, a walk in the park, a day at the spa, or strolling through an art gallery, its effect is the same. It’s about nurturing yourself- whatever fills up your own personal well with light and energy!

*Self Love*
It isn’t going to be easy to truly love yourself unconditionally if you spend your time comparing yourself to someone else. Only YOU are uniquely you. You are a beautiful, radiant, daughter of the Moon. You are a powerful being from a long line of healers, teachers and protectors. There are no two stars exactly alike in the night sky. Each shines as brilliant as the one right next to it. Embrace your beauty and celebrate it!

*Self Truth*
Look deep within yourself to find the true YOU. The you who resides in the shadows of your soul and hides behind fear, insecurity and doubt. Bring her into the light and let the world see her in all her radiance! Share your own unique gifts with the world!
Herbert James Draper - Tutt'Art@ (10)

Accept yourself, Love yourself and BE yourself- that is what your Inner Goddess is all about…


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