Fantastic Faeries

Magical, mysterious, and mischievous, Faeries never fail to enchant us.  Wherever yo go on Earth you will surely hear stories of magical beings known as Faeries. These illusive creatures captivate our imaginations and fuel our stories, like mermaids and dragons.  They help to remind us of the magic that exists in this sometimes mundane mortal world.  The world of the Fae is a complex one.  There are endless stories of different races of Faeries with very different attributes.  Some are said to be enchantingly beautiful, while others are reported to be purely ugly!  However, they all seem have the ability to simply change how they are seen on a whim.  Faeries embody the duality in nature of “light” and “dark”.  Like all magical beings, they are both playful and treacherous…


brian froud

Humans tend to envy the freedom and power of magical creatures, so many would rather dismiss their existence all together.  Faeries tend to enjoy more freedom than most other creatures in the magical realm.  They simply come and go as they please, and disappear entirely when need be.  They enjoy a complex world of their own, side by side, yet completely unknown, to most mortals.  They spend their days creating the beauty around us, and celebrating the natural world seemingly without end.

Never underestimate the power of these tiny creatures! Faeries have been known to wreak havoc, and bring terrible misfortune to the world of mortals who have infringed too closely upon them, or simply have chosen to disrespect the Faeries in their midst.  They value their privacy and the world they work so hard to create.  What a dull world we would live in without the work of the Fae to bring us the shimmering colors of Spring and the golden hues of Autumn!  For those with eyes to see, have patience and trust, and the Faeries near you will let you catch a glimpse once in awhile!  Treat them with care they will do the same for you!



-“Of all the minor creatures of mythology, Faeries are the most beautiful, the most numerous, and the most memorable.”-  Andrew Lang

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