I had a gargantuan task ahead of me, moving out of my home of the last 20+ years. I had to empty the house completely. That meant facing an overwhelming accumulation of things and life history, both precious and unnecessary.

Stacy helped me sort through and save what was precious with the perfect mix of precision, empathy and respect. She also helped me let go of far more than just things, with that same perfect mix she harnesses so effortlessly. I arrived at my new home lighter in every way!

Stacy is a true artist when it comes to sorting through our lives and memories with reverence, humor and just the right amount of practicality. I treasure the time and care she gave me and the life I’ve lived thus far.
– Anne – NY City Actress and Ceramics Artist

Whenever I feel like change, the first person I call is Stacy Badolato. With her bright smile, happy heart and focused vision, she’s helped me completely re-do my home, my sanctuary, my life. From changing the carpet, painting, re-organizing what I have, to de-cluttering what I no longer need, she has been a true gift to me and hugely helped me cleanse. From paperwork to furniture, to sentimental memories, I can count on Stacy’s thoughtful, kind, compassionate, professional help.

With warmest regards,
Sharon – Yogi Master

Wouldn’t it be a Godsend to have someone come into your home who could help you organize all your clutter, help you make sense of the mess and madness and do it all with a smile? Well, there is such a person.

Her name is Stacy Badolato and I know the angels sent her.
Since her arrival every room and space in my home from drawers, to closets to shelves have order.  Stacy is what I call the “bearable lightness of being” a true Godsend for us gladiators who slay dragons in the workplace but who need help crushing the monsters at home.

As a very private person, I do not like inviting people I don’t know
into my home or my life. But Stacy has this incredible energy and this way of making you feel like you’re okay, not to worry and that you will get through whatever you are trying to fix.

She has helped me lift the shame of my secret hidden clutter. I will forever be grateful for Stacy’s gentle spirit and strong guidance. She has shown me how to live a more organized life and I’m loving it.

Everything she has put in place is working splendidly. Stacy where have you been all my life! Thank you my friend.”
– Carla – PR Powerhouse and Media Master

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