Elemental Magick



There is pure magick in the (not so simple) forms of the Four Elements… Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  Life on this planet would not exist without the intricate balance and sheer power of each and every one. The Four Elements correspond to the four directions of our physical world, the four quarters of the universe, the four winds, and most importantly, the four quarters of the magickal circle. These Elements are forces and energies that make up our universe and everything in it…

Each Element has it’s own unique qualities and symbols, direction and season, and are associated with a certain color(s). As you move along the path of your own personal journey, you’re bound to hit some challenging territory along the way. The Elements are a gift from Nature itself to help us draw strength from, and navigate, those difficulties. No matter what your spiritual path, these are tools open to each and every soul born of the combined power that is the Four Elements…



The element of Air represents open mindedness, thoughts, reason and intellect, memory, knowledge, communication, clarity, psychic ability and expression. The element of Air is life itself. Without air, there is no life. If you find yourself lost in the ways of communication, call upon the spirit of air to breathe clarity into your heart and mind. You are an important part of the world, and you need to express yourself! Words have incredible power when spoken aloud! Unexpressed thoughts are seeds that will never have the privilege of being planted.

The season of Air is Spring, and it’s direction is East. It’s symbols are is the smoke of incense or a feather. It’s color is White. The best usage for the element if Air comes into practice in the the worlds of visualizing and meditation. You first need a vision of what you want to manifest, right? Balance is key with this element. We can get utterly lost in the realm of daydreams. Once you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you must then breathe life into it through action!

Just as our thoughts are extremely powerful, so are our words. Words give rise to our desires and can be released upon the wind like wishes, for manifesting. You do not have to be an English major, or have any formal thought laid out; just a simple sentence will do. Words spoken aloud pack the biggest punch, but the universe will hear it, even of said to yourself.



The element of Fire represents passion, enthusiasm, energy, desire, transformation, courage, power, initiative and rejuvenation. Fire can build and destroy equally. The spirit of Fire is the physical representation of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The element of Fire can help you to bring on the courage and passion to follow a dream, and help you transform from what no longer serves your higher purpose. Call upon this element for guidance toward a successful outcome through transformation.

The season of Fire is Summer, and it’s direction is South. It’s symbol is a candle and it’s colors are red and orange. The Element of Fire is best suited for ridding your life of negative influences, and for serious power and courage! Our beautiful, life giving sun is the ultimate source of Fire in our universe. Call into your mind and heart the power of that fiery orb above!





Ahhhh…my favorite…the cooling, liquid, element of water!  Water is the symbol of our emotions and intuition. Water infuses all life forms and within us we flow with the tide of our feelings. Water is needed to keep our inner flow running smoothly. The spirit of Water is the perfect element to call upon when you need flexibility, or a moment of ease. Sometimes we just need to tread water for a minute to catch our breath and regroup! Water is the way to go when you feel yourself turning into stone in a tense situation with an unclear direction. Let yourself be softened by the element of water, and sway in the waves a bit…

The season of Water is Fall, and it’s direction is West. It’s colors are blue, light grays, sea greens and white. The symbols are the cup or chalice, water and seashells. A simple practice to bring mind and body peace, is to let yourself get lost in the simple complexity of a bowl of clear water. Just let your mind and body relax into the clear, cool, stillness. You’ll be amazed at the clarity of vision a simple bowl of water can bring!



Lastly, we come to the Element of Earth. The source and provider of all our needs.
The element of Earth represents grounding, inner strength, hidden wisdom, and awareness. Without the Earth literally grounding us, we’d all float off into the vastness of space! We need this Element to keep us on a path of forward momentum. As we get lost in the sea of our own thoughts, find ourselves being burned from our experiences, and suffocating from lack of expression, the spirit of Earth is here to ground us, and reset our inner circuits. Call upon the element of Earth whenever you feel out of balance, overwhelmed, anxious, or generally “lost”. Earth is there to support you, and help you regain your footing.

Earth’s season is Winter. It’s colors are browns and greens. Its symbols are salt, gemstones, and rocks. Earth Magick can involve burying something (like a list of negative components of your life) and making some offerings to the Earth such as planting a tree, or flowers in your garden.


The beauty of Elemental Magick is it’s flexibility! You can call upon the power of an individual Element, or combine a few for whatever situation you find yourself in. There is no special skill, and no specific spiritual attachment to Elemental Magick. Nature has provided everything we have needed to navigate this world since the dawn of time; Her powers are ours for the using as well…all you have to do is ASK…

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