Dana (Danu)

“Goddess Danu (Dana) is considered the most ancient of all Celtic Deities.  Her name means knowledge, wisdom, teacher, wealth and abundance.  Some references have her as so ancient that she is both goddess and god and refer to Danu as an all-encompassing Divine Source.”
Being a Goddess of the cosmos itself, Danu is the essence of Universal Wisdom and Divine Knowledge.  She brings the attributes of inspiration, intellect, change and transcendence. She knows the secrets of Divine Alchemy and Divine Magick, and reminds us that  there really are no “secrets”; YOU are literally all you need- it truly is right within you.  Danu brings the reminder that the power to create the life that you desire is within, and the gift is the ability to share it.


Goddess Dana (Danu) is here to help you reconnect with your True You- the you that is abundant, flourishing, wise and empowered.  We each hold the key to our own true destiny; we wield the power to make our dreams a reality…




– High Priestess –


Message from Dana:
“Your wisdom extends back into the far reaches of ancient times.  You’ve brought this knowledge forward into your present incarnation, to be a way-shower so that others may benefit from your experiences.  Don’t delay in expressing this wisdom. I will assist you in manifesting platforms for your spiritual teaching, whether it’s through teaching by example,or through writing or speaking.  All forms of teaching are equally valuable, no matter how many lives you touch.”

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