Color Magick

Humans are drawn to color like moths to a flame. Colors can make us feel a whole spectrum of emotions, and with each changing hue, our experience changes.  Color also has “magickal” abilities and applications.  Our chakras and auric fields resonate with different colors; why not apply that to your surroundings?  Certain colors also align with the four elements.  Mother Nature knew exactly what she was doing when she painted our natural world in the colors she did!  When used with focused intent and a little knowledge, you can use “color magick” to fine tune yourself, or your surroundings, like a musical instrument.  It can be applied in beautiful colored throw pillows, to paint on the walls, even to what you wear!

My favorite pathway for the use of “color magick” is through candles.  There is something absolutely enchanting about a beautiful dancing flame, sending out a soft, radiant glow.  It’s effect is sometimes hypnotic! Candles have an innate ability to bring us to a calm, receptive state just by being there.  Why not activate that natural effect by using the colors for very specific purposes?  Give it try…



yellow candle

Yellow (air) – Air is associated with intelect.  Yellow pertains to the mind- wisdom, creativity, communication- anything to with mental abilities.  It is also the color associated with the sun and joy.


red candle

Red (fire) – Fire is passion-any kind of passion.  It’s also the color of strength, courage, energy, will power.




blue candle

Blue (water) – Water has multiple charges, depending on the depth of color- healing, peace, truth, justice, sleep, dreams, serenity, hope, protection, increasing psychic abilities.
(Use light hues for peace, bright hues for protection, and dark hues for justice)




green candle

Green (earth) – Earth is growth.  Prosperity, abundance, luck, success.





brown candle

Brown (earth) –
Earth is also grounding.  Stability, strength, any kind of solid energy.


black candle

Black – Divination, banishing, protection from negativity, and absorbing negative emotions.



purple candle

Purple – Psychic ability, insight into dreams, spirituality, inner strength, wisdom.




silver candle

Silver – Goddess, the moon, spirit, anything feminine.




pink candle

Pink – Love, friendship, romance, harmony.



white candle


White – Clarity, purification, truth, hope.

One thought on “Color Magick

  1. Jennifer Wells

    I love this! Now I know why my favorite color has always been blue!

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