– Transformation –

“You are experiencing enormous change right now,
which brings great blessings”

We are all in an incredible time of “flux” – universally, cosmically, seasonally and most of all personally. Just as we think we have a handle on our surroundings or ourselves, they change completely in what feels like the blink of an eye! That’s where the Butterfly Maiden comes in. She is here to assure us that we’re all part of nature’s cycle of birth and rebirth.

To bring in the “newness” we all desire, we must first allow the old parts to fall away. Celebrate the excitement these changes will bring, instead of getting caught up in the fear. Express your gratitude for all the lessons that have been brought, and then LET GO! Welcome in the new gifts that are being bestowed upon you, and let their magick surprise and delight you!

The Butterfly Maiden is springtime goddess who is here to help us escape from the cocoons of our former selves, and remove the binds that have been impeding our growth and making us feel stuck. She is here to help guide you through your transformation and help you spread your wings!


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