Blue Chalcedony

When you are feeling a need for softness within you, when stress has you wobbling on the cliff and ready to fall off into the abyss, blue chalcedony can restore calm and balance. This stone utilizes the energy-magnifying capacity of quartz to send out serene vibrations in a way that feels soothing to your soul itself.

Blue chalcedony affects the mind on many levels. It stimulates telepathy, brings to your conscious awareness truths that are lingering deep below the surface, and is a great way to assist with your inner healing.

When this stone touches your energy field, it’s like being touched by the soothing cool blue of the ocean. It’s frequency is calming and centering, and helps to sooth the emotional body. Blue chalcedony can assist in calming emotional situations by dissolving them in your energy field.

Carry a nice solid chunk with you in spaces of time where stress tends to over-take you, or any highly charged emotional situation. Just hold it in your hand and let it send it’s ripples of calming vibrations right through…

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