The Goddess is in the height of her youth and full of abundant energy and beauty. She is the personification of love, and passion in all it’s forms. Beltane is a celebration of feminine energy and perfect for sensual magick. This is a day to celebrate Spring renewal – do something that feeds your soul and brings beauty to your world. Celebrate the sensual – indulge your senses… Put sweet smelling flowers on your altar and in your hair. Take a perfect bubble bath with fragrant essential oils. Get a spa treatment – treat yourself to whatever speaks to you…it’s all about pleasure.

Beltane isn’t strictly about love however, it’s also about abundance. It’s the perfect time for magical workings to bring increase into your life.  Place flowers on your altar as gifts to the Goddess; think of each petal as a desire. Clearly envision the beauty in each one and see yourself fulfilling them all!


Light colorful fragrant candles…






Write each of your desires on colorful ribbon and string them on a tree outside…





 Whatever you choose to do for yourself today,
– Have a beautifully blessed Beltane –

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