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Faerie Glen

Faerie Glen Light slips ’round ageless trees Shadows dance on whispered breeze Faeries choose to gather here Tempting mortals straying near. Look carefully, as faeries hide And wait for believers to bring inside Keeping them for year and day ‘Ere longer if they wish to stay Ethereal magick fills this place Tread carefully throughout their…

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Gemstone Magick

Gemstone Magick Lapis blue and turquoise healing, Amethyst and quartz revealing- Onyx black will keep from harm, Hermatite to ground our charm, Quartz of rose for friends and love, Moonstone’s lady up above. Malachite will brign us wealth, Bloodstone, agate, Jade for health. Jet and amber our delight, As we meet in darkest night, Stones…

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