Aine – Leap of Faith

“Procrastination about your dreams won’t make them go away. Neither will it make them happen.”

Indecision is the death of the soul’s burning passion to improve, grow, create and learn. Don’t worry about making a wrong decision-instead worry about making no decision at all. Meditate, focus, investigate- on what you truly want.

photo 3

Once made, the universal energies will support your decision and things will start to line up as if by magick… Remember…. focused intent combined with action is where true magick lies. Your intention is what sets you on your journey. Listen to Aine- Goddess will support you. Trust that your intuition is clear and right for you, then take a leap of faith, and jump fully into putting your dreams into action. Don’t hesitate a moment longer!

Dreams Come True

I wish upon the stars above
And in the moonlight’s gleam
I ask the Goddess to send her love
And help fulfill my dream

Hard I’ve worked to get here
This magick time and space
I know my dreams are drawing near
At fate’s own mastered pace

Bring to blossom dreaming’s fruit
I ask from heart and soul
As flowers spring from planted root
Let me achieve my goal

aine leap of faith

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