stacy badolato lagunaWelcome to the world of Sapphire Siren Dreams – a place for all things magick and mystick…

The universe around us is full of magick and mystery. It is a abstract source of inspiration, mediation and never ending well of knowledge, questions and energy.

The energy in the world around us affects each and everyone of us everyday. Whether it’s the energy of a season, a moon phase, or a solstice, the energy is there swirling us all around in never ending dance.

Wouldn’t you love to know how to harness that energy? To use the new moon to kick start a new endeavor, the full moon too really bring clarity to your soul and vision? What about harnessing the the vast reach of a swing so simple as a season change or the solstice? Well, you can! Come visit my little world of beauty, knowledge and inspiration as often as you feel the desire. Content will be updated regularly.

I am an intuitive organizer…a “house whisperer” of sorts. I use my empathic gifts to tune in to the energy of your space. Our homes are about the energy and emotion of our lives. Rooms, walls, closets, drawers and especially CLUTTER all contain and trap energy. My job is to not only to help you clear the chaos of cluttered surfaces and closets that won’t even allow admission, but to dial in to that energy and clear out what is no longer serving you and to help harness what will.

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About Stacy
Stacy Badolato works with her clients to reorganize their living environments using the principals of energy flow and balance.

– Read some of my client’s experiences!

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  1. Linda

    Hi you need to come to philly.I will keep you busy for weeks.love you great site

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