2016 – The Hermit

2016 is a Universal Number 9 year (2+0+1+6=9). A 9 Year brings fulfillment, accomplishment and resolution. It represents the end of a 9 -year cycle and offers the opportunity to close out any unfinished business or to bring major projects to completion.

In the Tarot, Card 9 is the Hermit, and so 2016 is governed by the energy of the Hermit Card. The Hermit stands at the top of a precipice with a lantern in her hand. Inside the lantern is a star, which never stops shining. The light of wisdom illuminates the path ahead for her as she travels on her spiritual journey. The Hermit is therefore a card of spiritual enlightenment, inner wisdom, journeying, and deep insight. Partnered with the energy of the 9, this represents a year when you will experience the culmination of your spiritual journey. You will come to trust your inner source of wisdom to guide you on your path.

33Important aspects of your life are now coming to a head. You have traveled a long way on your path. Now, in 2016, you have the opportunity to reflect on what you have learned along the way and integrate it into your life, ready for the next 9 -year cycle to begin in 2017. You have the choice as to whether you will listen to your inner wisdom and let it guide you. To truly harness the opportunities of the Hermit in 2016, allow yourself time and space to pursue your spiritual interests and to honor your spiritual practice. Schedule time throughout the year so that you can get away and retreat. By withdrawing for short periods of time, you will allow yourself the opportunity to silence your mind and truly tune in to your inner wisdom.

However, remember that you will not always have all the answers at your immediate disposal. Guidance coms through at it’s own gentle pace. While the Hermit’s lantern illuminates the path, it only lights up a part. Its shows only just enough of the path for the Hermit to take a few steps forward and once she takes those steps, more begins to unfold.

As you tune in to your inner wisdom this year, know that you will only see part of the path – and that’s ok. You don’t have to know everything right away. It will become illuminated the further you travel. So, remember to commit to your spiritual practice this year and give yourself the time and space to truly hear your own inner wisdom. All the guidance you ever need is already within you.

Have a wonderful, enlightened year ahead!

* Thank you Biddy Tarot for your insights!*

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